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First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown
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Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown!

The First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown is a church with a difference. Our sanctuary is a historical landmark for the whole community. We have grown up with Smithtown, but with blessings come responsibilities. Our church is not only old; it is open. Our buildings are open seven days a week for worship and service. Community organizations utilize our facilities as much as our congregation does. We see ourselves as more than that old church on the corner. We believe we are on the corner of the love of God and the love of neighbor.

Faith in Jesus Christ is extremely important to us. We believe that faith is not only spoken but lived. We are an open church, not only open to the community, but open to those on a journey. Ours is a welcoming family that has a big heart for those who are hurting, have lost their way and want to start over. We are certainly not perfect, and, for that reason, we cherish God's love and grace. We seek to welcome others as we ourselves have been welcomed by Jesus Christ.

We are aware that many people are moving into our community and relocating to this area. We are excited to share the good news of the gospel. Our doors are open. Come visit one of our services and taste our hospitality. Together we may discover more to life on this wonderful journey of faith.

"On the corner of the love of God, and the love of neighbor."

First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown
175 East Main Street
Smithtown, New York 11787
Phone: 631-265-5151